Efficiency through continuity

Provide visibility of:

  • obligations and proof of compliance

  • resources and progress

  • communications and transactions

  • estimates, budgets, forecasts and actual expenditure



  • increased confidence in outcomes

  • higher productivity

  • faster delivery

  • better relationships with landowners, stakeholders and staff

Why does Land Assembly need to be made easier?

Pressure to work more productively makes it increasingly important to take of advantage of the opportunities proffered by modern technology for smart connected working.  Assembling land for construction involves many people and organisations, with many different skills and specialities.  To work effectively together, these people need the best information to be available to them - but communication across organisational boundaries can sometimes be difficult, as people have competing priorities for their time, and sometimes refer to the same thing by different names.


We've worked in land assembly for many years and, having fought the same battles many times, believe it's time for a change.

How are we making it easier?


We're doing several things:

  • We're taking away the pain of working together - by making publicly available a common language that can be used to talk (be you a person or a machine) about Land Assembly data, enabling more effective communication;

  • Because we've looked at the big picture, we know what data is needed, when and by whom. This means that things which should be easy, but can end up being difficult (such as making sure that your project is on track) do end up being easy;

  • We understand that it's important to be able to tell how data was obtained - for effective management and regulatory compliance.  All our models and systems have this built into them from the ground up;

  • Ultimately our software tools and services provide a lot of out-of-the-box configurable functionality because, whilst everyone loves a good IT project, building a system for every land assembly project gets a bit old (and stressful) after a while.  We've also taken account of industry best practice and regulatory requirements in terms of security, privacy and auditability.

How does this affect you?

So, be prepared for your life (at least the bits of it relating to land assembly - we can't make promises about anything else) to get progressively easier. You're in good hands.

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