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Acquisition Parcels

Updated: Oct 2, 2017

What makes them different from Land Parcels?

What is an Acquisition Parcel?

An Acquisition Parcel (#AcquisitionParcel), like a Land Parcel (#LandParcel) is a defined extent of land and as such is three dimensional.

How are Acquisition Parcels formed?

‘Acquisition Parcels’ are formed from one or more extents of land which are required for development (frequently referred to as land requirements) and intersecting legal estates.

Take for example a set of land requirements for which acquisition powers have been granted:

  • Permanent acquisition of subsoil >9m below surface;

  • Permanent acquisition of land for related works;

  • Permanent acquisition of rights.

Land Requirements for which acquisition powers granted

and intersecting legal estates:

  • a freehold;

  • a leasehold which excludes subsoil.

Legal Estates

Intersecting the land requirements with the legal estates creates five Acquisition Parcels:

Acquisition Parcels for which acquisition powers granted


  • the subsoil requirement does not intersect with the leasehold estate as the leasehold estate excludes subsoil;

  • the acquisition parcels are the maximum extents which can be created that are homogeneous in terms of land requirements and legal estates.

What are Acquisition Parcels used for?

Acquisition Parcels are units of report (like Land Parcels) and are used in compulsory purchase instruments and related documents to:

  • link schedules of landownership to maps;

  • link compulsory purchase powers to maps.

This allows:

  • landowners to identify what land is affected and how it is affected;

  • acquiring authorities to identify the compulsory purchase powers applied for/granted and the legal estates and interests which need to be acquired/extinguished/overridden.

As with Land Parcels, changes affecting the extents of source data will result in change to Acquisition Parcel extents. Different types and versions of Acquisition Parcel can be cross-referenced by spatial intersection.

Although subject to change with the source data from which they are derived, there are versions which have lasting significance, i.e. the version(s) submitted to obtain compulsory purchase powers; the version for which compulsory purchase powers were granted; the version referred to in a General Vesting Declaration.

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