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In our earlier newsletters we set out the rationale for  standardisation of the land assembly and compulsory purchase process.  We highlighted that standardisation is essential to achieving the improvements in productivity and capability that we believe are possible. We also recognised that benefits from standards can only be achieved in association with improved education and technological advancements. 

Our focus at LAS is on technological advancement so, in parallel with promoting standardisation, we have been working on a standard set of software tools which facilitate fast, easy access to data about land and property. The first of these is a Data Explorer which enables the user to find and explore both spatial and textual data in a single, easy to use, intuitive user interface. You can get a flavour of the Data Explorer's capabilities by watching this video:

Our software is highly configurable and can easily be used by any organisation that stores its data in a consistent and structured environment.

Over the next few months, we will be working on a comprehensive set of reporting tools to address the technical, management and quality reporting requirements of land assembly projects - including automated production of:

  • Management reports;

  • Access licences;

  • Books of Reference, Schedules and associated land plans;

  • Landowners' notices and plans;

  • General Vesting Declarations;

  • Applications for registration of land.

At LAS we are passionate about improving productivity and efficiency.  If you'd like to keep up with developments you can subscribe to our website landassembly.net/subscribe or follow us on LinkedIn linkedin.com/company/16897484 or Twitter twitter.com/las_ltd

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