• John Gannon

Land Assembly - A systems improvement strategy

In this presentation we explain why land assembly systems need to be improved and what the benefits will be to all parties. We then discuss how the necessary improvements can be achieved in practice.

We identify lack of standardisation as the main barrier to systems improvement and propose an incremental approach to developing standards in order to reduce the scale of the task and achieve early benefits. We then explore what is needed to get the standardisation process started.

In the meantime, as we explain in the presentation, at Land Assembly Services we believe that effective communication is fundamental to both the standardisation process and continuous improvement – so much so that we’ve developed a draft Data Transfer Standard (DTS) and the tools needed to use it.

To demonstrate the benefits of adopting the DTS we are looking for a combination of a Client and Supplier to trial its use. The DTS is already publicly available, however we are also offering to provide consultancy services to support the implementation free of charge for this initial trial. Expressions of interest in this offer should be directed to peter.blackaller@landassembly.net.

Further information can be found on the Data Transfer Standard page.


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