Manhattan Land Assembly

Manhattan is Trimble Real Estate and Workplace Solutions’ global property management sytem. Manhattan Land Assembly is a configuration of the Manhattan software as a solution (SAAS) product intended to provide comprehensive land assembly functionality. LAS initially collaborated with Trimble to configure a proof of concept and more recently a working prototype Compensation module.

Manhattan currently incorporates a modular range of real estate, workplace and planning solutions. Much of the functionality needed for land assembly is core to the Manhattan product – for example:

  • Property database;

  • Project/task management;

  • Finance;

  • Workflow;

  • Document management;

  • GIS.

Further configuration is however needed to provide comprehensive support for land assembly. The initial proof of concept showed that Manhattan’s configurability was sufficiently flexible to meet at least most of the requirements defined in the Land Assembly Model.

A working prototype solution has now been configured for Compensation within Manhatttan. Compensation provides a useful illustration of the potential benefits, as a large proportion of information gathered or created in earlier stages is needed during the Compensation stage, for example:

  • Interests;

  • Parties;

  • Land requirements;

  • Consents;

  • Commitments;

  • Documents.

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